Grass Fed Whole Beef Hamburger

If interested in Whole Beef Hamburger please contact us at 503-871-1875

Tired of running to the grocery store every time you want to make some hamburger? We can fill your freezer up!

You don’t have to worry about running out when you buy 50lbs or more at a time!

We don’t go to the store for hamburger anymore and it’s nice to know that there’s always food to put on the table.

We’ve got THE Best Hamburger. We use ZERO hormones, pesticides, or GMO’s. Just lots of grass and attention for our Premium Pasture Raised Beef.

We have been raising beef for our family and friends for decades and take pride in offering high quality meats at great prices.

Our herd is raised in a humane setting with lots of attention and without hormones, pesticides or gmo’s.

Please contact us with any questions–we’re a small family farm and are flexible to your needs.


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