Whole Beef(Deposit)


Whole Beef:

This is the DEPOSIT ONLY for your custom slaughtered Whole Beef.

Average weight for a whole beef is about 600lbs.

After making your deposit we will schedule your animal to be weighed and full price is due at pickup or prior to delivery.

Generally our pasture raised back angus steers come in at around XXXlbs hanging weight, so at $3/lb plus cutting, wrapping, and harvest fee you’re you’ll wind up with xxxlbs of beef in all cuts for right around $xxxx, which comes out to $xx/lb

Premium Pasture Raised Whole Beef:

 Add this item to your cart to make a deposit on your whole beef.

 After making your deposit we will schedule your animal to be custom butchered and weighed.

Full price is due at pickup or prior to delivery, USUALLY done in about 2 weeks.


Generally one of our Premium Pasture Raised Steers comes finishes out at about 720lbs hanging weight.




At $3/lb hanging weight, plus cutting/wrapping/harvest fee you’ll wind up with ≈432lbs of custom cut beef

in everything from steaks to hamburger for right around $2800.


When all is said and done it comes out to ≈$6.50/lb…


Yes, Seriously…


Premium Pasture Raised Beef for $6.50/lb. 


We’re talking Grass Fed Hamburger Prices on all kinds of custom cuts from Steaks to Roasts to Ground Beef.

This is NOT too good to be true. When you buy in bulk you SAVE $$$!




YOU get to pick the type of steaks and cuts you want by working directly with the butcher. 


You can PAY securely with a Credit Card TODAY and get the rest to us later, we’re very flexible.


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