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Conventional Hay

We grow and broker thousands of tons of hay every year. No matter your needs, we can get your farm the right feed.

We have a wide and diverse network of farms and have access to both organic and conventional feed.

As farmers ourselves, we understand the value of high-quality feed at a cost-efficient level — this is why we also operate our own trucking company. 

This helps keep our costs extremely competitive. We usually sell by the Truckload and prices are per ton delivered.

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Organic Hay

We know that many of our customers value the benefits gained by raising livestock on high quality, untreated, non-GMO feed and provide several varieties of organic hay grown here on our farm. 

Currently, we harvest our own certified organic hay including Alfalfa and grain hay. We also have nearly unlimited access to all varieties and specialty hay varieties. Not sure what you’re looking for? Ask us, we can help narrow it down.

Balage Silage Bales Marshmallows in fields

Silage, Balage, Wrapped Bales 

Wrapping bales allows hay to be harvested earlier and with a higher moisture content.  This is an economic way to reduce hay loss, and increase yields.

Balage reduces the amount of foliage lost during harvest and produces a more nutrient dense feed.

We currently provide three different varieties; Clover, Red Clover, and Grass.

Prices & inventory

vary depending on the season.
Fill out the form below and let us know what you’re looking for 
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